Our Partnership Process

Eager to be working with you to rocket your brand to new heights.
Together, we can rock the market and competition.
And the process is simple.


We sit down via online conferencing.

We present options we find to be the best fit for your current brand needs.

We discuss your clarifications and concerns.

We wrap up the introductory meet.

Within 24 hours, we email a proposal and allow you to evaluate it.

We awit your final advice, at your most conveninet time frame,  on how to proceed. 

Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we then sign the contract containing all the provisions of the the plan you selected.(Plans and Pricing) Within 7 days, we send you a web link where yo can view two (2) design options of your website. We proceed to build your site and get back to you with the first draft build for your review. This can take 5-20 days depending upon the plan selected and the content need to be added to the site. We believe two (2) revisions is the ideal number of back and forth to streamline fine-tuning process and eliminate time-costly lack of focus and “sweating the small stuff” situations. The 3rd Build, therefore, is the final version and the version deployed.

The reason we set six (6) months as the project duration is because a new site needs to be monitored and updated regularly to keep it running, stay current with new information and responsive to the evolving directions in areas of messaging, design, usability and site security.

In this period of six months, we believe we have stabilized the site and may need minimal oversight and content maintenance thereafter. 

This service we offer at 50% of the monthly charge of your current plan.

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