About 65%
of the global population are active on the web. If you do nothing to reach them, your competitors will.
Blast off to the digital space

your business 
to the digital space

the market and
web penetration

At down-to-earth cost


Your Website

Content writing
Image sourcing/processing
2 custom design options
1 month free maintenance


Why us and not some cheap web builders?

You don’t want to look generic and cheap

You’re site should stand out like custom, professional creations and not generic, cheap, assembly-line clones. Imagine going to party and finding someone dressed like you. These “low-cost”, pre-built frameworks offer limited design/templates. Probability is high that your website will be a duplicate of another.

We make it real easy
for you

Web builders give you platform. You still need hours and hours of familiarizing and more hours getting confused or making mistakes.You still do the dirty work. When you sign up with us, we do the design, image sourcing and content writing. We’ll even work on your branding and messaging.*
Just sit back and let us steer your flagship site to heights of the digital space

You don’t want to look generic and cheap

Web builders will probably save you money but your time and effort to make it work— and to your satisfaction— have hidden costs too. And these are most probably more than your web builder savings. Imagine what valuable tasks you can accomplish with your time and efforts to instead.

*for add-on nominal fee

And we offer more for those who need more

Introduce yourself.
Build your online presence.

Intro Plan

Set up your website with the name of your business.
The site will contain these key info about your brand –

  • your organisation
  • the people behind it
  • your products / services and descriptions
  • your location
  • your contact details

Sell online.
Make ecommerce expand your customer base.

eCommerce Plan

Your website with ecommerce fucntionalities:

  • display products in a gallery complete with pictures description, price, customer ratings
  • Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons
  • Secure payment processing facility via credit/debit cards and PayPal
  • Automatically-generated invoice and sales database for your records
  • Pricing that can instantly apply promo and items-on-sale discounts

Reach millions with a click. Go digital marketing

Digital Marketing Tools

Search Engine Optimization
  • You’d want to see your cake shop appear on the first page, if not no. 1, when someone searches “cakes”, don’t you?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of fine-tuning your website and its contents to attain higher ranking on search engine resultsdominates the search engine platform and building an effective business profile using Google Business account is a necessary componet of the optimization effort
  • Google dominates the search engine platform and building an effective business profile using Google Business account is a necessary componet of the optimization effort
Social Media campaigns
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and youTube draw billions of users
  • A creative, data-driven, optimally-executed promo campaigns on these platforms will widely broaden your brand reach which can be converted into buying customers
Email campaigns
  • Email campaigns boast of a higher percentage of message views
  • Statistics show that users have the proven habit of  opening their emails on a daily basis
  • Email messaging has nuances different from other platforms but this channel brings results to further strengthen your total digital marketing push
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