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Premium Domain Certification Service

Each domain certificate includes valuation, owner's verification, escrow compliance, trademark infringement verification and legal analysis.

Full money back guarantee. If none of your domains receives a bid within 15 days or the bid is lower than your asking price we will give you full refund.

Translation in foreign languages. A copy in Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Arabic is available upon request. Translation in other languages are also supported.

We will review your domains and if we approve your request, we will send payment instructions via email within several hours. The official certificate will be sent to your email address within 12 hours after we receive your payment.

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We offer volume discounts for bulk orders!

 Quantity  Price per domain
51 + domains $9
31 - 50 domains $19
21 - 30 domains $39
11 - 20 domains $59
6 - 10 domains $99
2 - 5 domains $149
1 domain $289



Frequently Asked Questions

What do you certify?
Each domain certificate includes: 
1. Domain valuation.
2. Owner's verification.
3. Trademark Infringement Verification.
4. Legal verification.
5. Restriction verification.

How much is a domain really worth?
At our site you can get an expert evaluation of any domain. You can trust that with the industry's largest database of sales, our professional team of market analysts will deliver you an accurate and scientific report.

Can you certify a domain without a web site and traffic?
Yes, we appraise domains without web sites and traffic. A domain name is virtual property. Just like a real estate valuation agent would appraise your house, so do we appraise your domain name.

Do you verify trademark infringements?
Yes, each valuation includes the Trademark Infringement Verification.

How long does it take to certify a domain?
The results will be sent to you within 12 hours from your payment. You will receive your certificate via email. It will also be available for viewing on our website for 1 year from the time of your order.



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